Urban Jam Mural is Finished!

Original Sketch

In Process
hudson in process

Finished Piece
“Urban Jam” Mural on Houston St.
After some fine-tuning the mural is finally done. The title, “Urban Jam,” was supplied by my friend Linda, and it fits the piece on a number of levels. From the original sketch I kept the rhythm of the composition, as well as the structure of the space, a unique type of overlapping curved perspective. I let the other pictorial elements evolve intuitively, which is exciting because it allowed for exploration of the unknown. Some imagery I brought to it consciously, and some I just “saw” in it. After a while, I had to meet the painting on its own terms, it telling me what it needed, and less of me putting my preconceptions on it.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, come and see it in First Park at the corner of Houston and Forsyth (north side, between First and Second Ave). Thanks again to First Street Green, the group authorized by the NYC Parks Dept. with curating the space, for selecting my design, which will remain until spring.




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