Giant Egg Hatches for Charity

RECEPTION: Thurs, Dec 1st, 6-8pm
Show Hours: Tues, Nov 28 – Sat Dec 3, Noon-6PM
Ceres Gallery 547 W27th St #201, NYC 10001

As part of a group show at Ceres Gallery, Steve Zolin will present new mobiles joined by a 28″ high egg upon which the artist has painted one of his unique 360 degree “motionscapes.”

In 2014 Faberge sponsored the Big Egg Hunt in Rockafeller Plaza to benefit charity. Over 200 eggs had been artistically transformed and auctioned off, yet one egg escaped unadorned. Instead using the egg supplied by the Hunt, two creatives fabricated their own fantastic egg out of other materials. After the show, they donated the unused but still pristine egg to artist Steve Zolin to further his studio practice. He found the large spheroid the perfect surface for experiments in overlapping curved perspective, and the egg now finally hatches!

In keeping with the charitable history of the eggs, 75% of the proceeds from the sale of this last egg will be donated to Planned Parenthood (it is a giant egg, after all).

Motionscape Egg, four views

Motionscape Egg, four views
28″x22″x22″ acrylic w/china marker on plaster egg $2000
Giant Egg Hatches for Charity


 Autumn Fire II

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